07 October 2010

Vacancies at the Black Library, and Publishing

So, currently, there are two editor vacancies at The Black Library, headquartered in Nottingham, England. The call for applications can be seen here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/vacancies.html
Oh how I would love to work for that wonderful company. True, I would have less time for writing (I do write), but the learning experience in the publishing industry would be priceless! Unfortunately, the Omaha Renegade is stuck overseas, and the powers that be say "No!". Why does such an opportunity have to present itself and I'm not there to jump on it like fox pouncing on a mouse?

Also, Barnes and Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/) has started it's PubIt service. There, once you sign up, you can submit your stories and sell them on the Barnes and Noble website. Great little thing, that. B&N take 40% of the sale as their share; the seller retains 60%. I had thought about doing this with the book I'm writing (80K words, and counting), but I'm worried that the science fiction/fantasy eBook market just isn't strong enough. I'd hate to put my book up as an ePub on B&N's site, only to not make a single cent. I've looked into self-publishing, and while I love the idea of marketing myself, I hate the prices on the books. A normal novel, 300-400 pages, that should sell for $7 or $8 (perhaps $9 at most) cost $15-$20 per copy to produce. I would have to charge $16-$21 a copy, and no one would buy that for a book obviously worth less.

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