15 October 2010

The Ultramarines, Revelation Space, and Deadlifting

Today's post is more about my nerdish endevours than anything else (be wary). I shall have another short fiction piece up by Tuesday, at the very latest.

First: Ultramarines, A Warhammer 40,000 Movie, is soon to debut. On the Ultramarines Movie website - http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/ - they are selling the $40 limited edition box set. You know I bought MY copy. The preview on YouTube (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vF_VLZotWc) is awesome, and gives much greater insight into what the movie is about and who the enemy is (I told a friend of mine Chaos - totally called it). While I'm still overseas, I sent my copy to my home for the Dinoman (younger brother, seen here: http://dinoman87.deviantart.com/) to enjoy. ANOTHER reason I can't wait to get home.

Second: I am currently reading a very fascinating, and at times confusing, book (on my Nook) called "Revelation Space" (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Revelation-Space/Alastair-Reynolds/e/9781440673795/?itm=1&USRI=Revelation+Space). It centers around three characters: Dan Sylveste, a xenoarchaeologist who's been overthrown in the local planetary government, Ana Khouri, a contract assassin, and Illia Volyova, a reluctant captain of a very old, mystery filled, city-size spaceship. Each plot takes place in a different year, but I have a feeling all three will intertwine at some point (I'm on page 67 of 552). The immense detail and intrigue that permeates each page draws the reader in (or, at least, it draws me in) further and further. It's difficult to put this book down, and I highly recommend it, either in eBook or traditional paperback.

Third: Deadlifting 315lbs very rapidly for ten reps (two sets) hurts...but it hurts so good! FYI, the third set was a drop set: 315 for 8 reps, 225 for 10 reps, 135 for 12 reps. Add in some good bicep curls and pull ups, and you have a muscle carving workout (and a very sore Omaha Renegade).

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