14 May 2011

Final Cover Image

Here it is! What you've all been waiting for: the final cover image!

The wonderful and talented Ganassa created this piece. A big hearty thanks to him!

You can find free downloadable wallpapers of this image in the FREE STUFF section of the Renegade Data Core website. I will have the formatted cover of the book up soon, along with the book description.

We're coming down to the wire on the book. Currently it stands at 75,293 words as it heads to the copy-editor. That said, I may be pushing the publication date back a bit. When I started out on this journey of self-digital-publication I never thought everything would take as long as it has. Even writing took longer than I thought. I'm still shooting for the 1st of June, but be prepared to have the release date pushed back a week or two.

While pushing the release date back is bad, good can come of this in two ways. 1) You will receive the quality product I promise in my ABOUT section of the site. I would never want to sell you an eBook or eComic that was of degraded quality purely because I rushed the job. 2) This gives me a better measure for when I write my next book (already in the works) to provide you, the readers, a more accurate, realistic release date.

Keep watching for updates.

Until next time. . .