20 March 2011

The Patient Spider and Yahoo eCommerce

I have just posted a new short story on the Renegade Data Core website titled The Patient Spider. Head over to the Free Stuff section and download it. Again this is FREE science fiction for your enjoyment.

I've been working diligently on both this short story and In Darkness Forged. If there's one thing I'm discovering about all this it's that it's not easy. Between work, fight training, bull riding training (yes, I said bull riding), and friends, writing one story is hard enough, let alone writing TWO. I give props to those authors who do it every day. I know there are a lot of authors at The Black Library who work on two, three, or four stories/scripts/comics DAILY. That's incredible. My hats off to you, gentlemen.

I will be posting yet ANOTHER short story next month around the same time (though probably after Easter, as I will be spending much of my time with family that weekend). Hopefully this one will have associated art with it to spice it up a bit.

In other news, I've decided that, prior to the release date of In Darkness Forged, I will be migrating Renegade Data Core to a Yahoo eCommerce website. I thought about using PayPal, but a $30-$40 a month Yahoo eCommerce account is much more cost effective than PayPal. PayPal charges 2.5% +.05 for each transaction. If I sold just one hundred (100) copies of my book, they would charge me almost $65. I guess the pros of having PayPal, though, is if nothing sells I don't pay them anything. But that's where an aggressive marketing plan comes in.

Until next time...