25 November 2011

Skyrim, Conan, and Writing Progress

Been playing a lot on my XBox 360 lately. Lots of Modern Warfare 3 online. If you see me I'm RenegadeDataCor (OmahaRenegade was already taken! WTF!?).

But I've also been exploring the wide, wondrous world of Skyrim!
I love this game. It has such an in-depth story line, not just on the surface in the missions you do for everyone and anyone, but also in the background stuff. Going through a lot of tombs and caves you see a lot of ancient Nord art and, fighting the reanimated Nord skeletons, you see a lot of ancient Nord weaponry. I love this aspect of the game. It gives the entire world of Skyrim a great deal of flavor and gives you a sense of where the Nords came from. It also makes me ask questions like, "What were they doing when they died?", and, "Why would a Nord be buried with an iron ingot?"

In the game I'm a red haired Nord (surprise surprise, right?), seen here.
Yes,  I know, the picture quality isn't great. I play on XBox 360, not computer, so screenshots are done with my iPhone 4.
Technology at its best, I know.
Another feature the XBox 360 version does NOT have is the ability to pan the camera around your character. So you can't see the awesome red skull warpaint on his face. If you could he would look REALLY mean.

Really. . .he would. . .

Alaric Khan (my character) is on the roughly defined berserker track. Two handed weapons (a steel warhammer in this case), heavy armor, smithing, and some blocking are his specialties. I have added a bit in lock picking  sneaking, archery (damn mooses!), and light magic (burn, frost troll, burn!!) to round him out.

I have, of course, sided with Skyrim.
Here I am at a Stormcloak encampment preparing for another daring raid to free Skyrim from the damned Empire.

The vast number of characters and NPCs really gets me, too. It's incredible just how lively towns and villages are. I mean, it's still a game, and with it there's that game-stiffness to it all. But Bethesda did a great job on everything. The graphics are incredible. And fights with dragons are truly epic. :) I love how there aren't any specified classes. Instead the player develops certain ability areas to their liking. The 600 page strategy guide gives players a general guide if they want to specialize their characters (ie. Berserker), but trait development it completely left up to the player. I really think this is the new standard instead of the more locked-in classes of other RPGs, MMO or otherwise.

So if you don't hear from me for a few weeks/months/years. . .brb, goin ta Skyrim. :3

All this Northern barbarian fighting has gotten me into a rather Northern barbarian mood (although my ancestors were Northern barbarians, so that might have something to do with it). I've been reading the Conan stories lately. Robert E. Howard wrote some amazing stories, and the prints I'm reading (with the Frank Frazzetta covers) are great! A buddy of mine went to Vegas to visit family and happened upon a small bookstore off the strip. Herein he found IMMACULATE copies of the 1963 prints of the Conan books. We now have all of them.

While some of the writing is kinda of bad (in some cases miserable) the stories are awesome and ALL THAT IS MAN! Dangerous fights with swords, daring adventures around the world, fearful dread magics, and drinking and wenching as you go!! Who couldn't love these stories!!?? And as the books and stories go on they get better. I just read the story The Frost Giant's Daughter. The battle scene between Conan and the Vanir warrior was heart pumping. My adrenaline was through the roof! So I went to the gym to work it off. The point is these stories are great and you should read them.

So go, read them. Now!

But I'm sure all this talk of video games and reading books has you wondering, "Where do you have time to write?"
Worry not, reader, for I have been writing up a storm. Run, the upcoming novella, is in it's second chapter, with the third starting soon. If you still haven't read the free first chapter, go HERE and do so. You could also go to my DeviantArt website and read it there.

Next Blog Post: Occupy My New House! Join me!. . .actually just read about it here. I want my new house to myself. The last thing I need are smelly picketers. :/

Until next time. . .

16 November 2011

Glee Fail

Crazy I know, but I'm updating again in such short order.

Except it's not about writing or technology or my website (see obligatory link and GO THERE!).

No, it's about Glee.

Yes. Glee. The TV show.

I'm not a huge fan of Glee as it is, but I watched the November 15th episode (perhaps because the girlfriend made me?).

I understand that it's a bit out there due to the musical/dramatic nature of the show, so nothing really makes sense as it is. I learned that after my first viewing. . .where I got to see a lot of man love. . .*shiver*

But this got kinda ridiculous.

1) The Irish kid gets beat up by a bunch of GIRLS! Seriously? I mean, seriously? It's dodge ball. And he was bleeding? Man card: REVOKED. If I were Ireland I would be sending the IRA to blow Glee up.

2) The Irish kid got "saved" by the ultra effeminate weak gay guy (sorry, I don't know names of characters). That's a second strike on the man card. And Ireland should be rioting and invading wherever Glee is produced (California?).

3) In the fight for School President it was mentioned that dodge ball is a sport to bully - and I'll stop there for this point. To bully? I've always LOVED dodge ball. Who cares if someone gets off on throwing big red rubber balls to hit people. Guess what: EVERYONE DOES! Plus have you seen the movie "Dodge Ball"? Fail on that guy's part.

4) Then he says "Violence is never the answer." Or something to that effect.
So. . .we totally could have stopped Hitler with words. North Korea would have totally given up South Korea at the beginning of the Korean War war with negotiation. Iraq would have totally left Kuwait if we had not invaded. And Osama bin Laden would absolutely have turned himself in after 9/11 if we had just been more reasonable.
On a more close-to-home note, bullies will totally stop bullying merely because they're suspended from school and told not to. And gang violence will totally end because the gang members are arrested and told to stop.
I am of course being facetious here.

Really?! These are the messages they want to send to America's youth, and the USA in general? And by extension people in countries around the world?

I dunno, maybe it's just me. What happened to being tough and not a bitch, and actually fighting?
See: The Conan stories by Robert E. Howard.

On a positive note the music was pretty good. I enjoyed most, if not all, of the musical performances. And the mash ups were pretty cool! I guess if I could cut out the story line the musical part would be phenomenal.
And then there's that guy in the wheel chair. . .

Abnormal rant. I don't normally talk about my societal beliefs here, but I felt I had to clash against "popular culture".

Next time: the joys of Skyrim. :3

Until next time. . .

15 November 2011

Run - Chapter 1

I must admit I've been slacking on posts, both here and on the Facebook page. Life is a little busy right now as I start a new job and begin my Masters degree.

But I have been writing.

Really, I have. Though it's been slow (much like other projects I've been working on). So I've decided to treat you, my audience, with the first chapter of the novella titled Run, Peter's origin story. You can see it in PDF format on the RENEGADE DATA CORE website in the FREE STUFF section.

Or check it out here: Run - Chapter 01

I'll have a longer post up later this month.

Until next time. . .