16 November 2011

Glee Fail

Crazy I know, but I'm updating again in such short order.

Except it's not about writing or technology or my website (see obligatory link and GO THERE!).

No, it's about Glee.

Yes. Glee. The TV show.

I'm not a huge fan of Glee as it is, but I watched the November 15th episode (perhaps because the girlfriend made me?).

I understand that it's a bit out there due to the musical/dramatic nature of the show, so nothing really makes sense as it is. I learned that after my first viewing. . .where I got to see a lot of man love. . .*shiver*

But this got kinda ridiculous.

1) The Irish kid gets beat up by a bunch of GIRLS! Seriously? I mean, seriously? It's dodge ball. And he was bleeding? Man card: REVOKED. If I were Ireland I would be sending the IRA to blow Glee up.

2) The Irish kid got "saved" by the ultra effeminate weak gay guy (sorry, I don't know names of characters). That's a second strike on the man card. And Ireland should be rioting and invading wherever Glee is produced (California?).

3) In the fight for School President it was mentioned that dodge ball is a sport to bully - and I'll stop there for this point. To bully? I've always LOVED dodge ball. Who cares if someone gets off on throwing big red rubber balls to hit people. Guess what: EVERYONE DOES! Plus have you seen the movie "Dodge Ball"? Fail on that guy's part.

4) Then he says "Violence is never the answer." Or something to that effect.
So. . .we totally could have stopped Hitler with words. North Korea would have totally given up South Korea at the beginning of the Korean War war with negotiation. Iraq would have totally left Kuwait if we had not invaded. And Osama bin Laden would absolutely have turned himself in after 9/11 if we had just been more reasonable.
On a more close-to-home note, bullies will totally stop bullying merely because they're suspended from school and told not to. And gang violence will totally end because the gang members are arrested and told to stop.
I am of course being facetious here.

Really?! These are the messages they want to send to America's youth, and the USA in general? And by extension people in countries around the world?

I dunno, maybe it's just me. What happened to being tough and not a bitch, and actually fighting?
See: The Conan stories by Robert E. Howard.

On a positive note the music was pretty good. I enjoyed most, if not all, of the musical performances. And the mash ups were pretty cool! I guess if I could cut out the story line the musical part would be phenomenal.
And then there's that guy in the wheel chair. . .

Abnormal rant. I don't normally talk about my societal beliefs here, but I felt I had to clash against "popular culture".

Next time: the joys of Skyrim. :3

Until next time. . .

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