21 October 2010

The Tablet Business Revolution

I have been writing furiously, and will post a snippet into what I have been creatimg...Saturday. I know I promised Tuesday...in the future I will work more wiggle room into my self-set deadlines.

For now, though, I would like to turn your attention to a new revolution in business: the iPad. A beautiful little device, it's light, mobile, powerful, and easy to use. With hundreds of thousands of apps, and more created almost daily, there is very little it cannot do to aid your business, whether it be large corporation or small business.
I found these two articles via Google:
The first article is "5 Ways to Use an iPad for Small Business": http://www.smallbusinesscomputing.com/news/article.php/3880341/5-Ways-to-Use-an-iPad-for-Small-Business.htm. Herein, the author gives several examples of professions in which the iPad could be used to enhance overall task performance and organization. At the end of each example the author also describes drawbacks to the miracle device in that profession.
The second article is "5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Consider Apple's iPad": http://www.focus.com/briefs/information-technology/five-reasons-your-small-business-should-consider-apples-ipad/. The author, obviously a huge iPad supporter, lists five considerations that small businesses should take in deciding the usefulness of an iPad .The author clearly thinks it is applicapble for almost any small business; this is up for debate. But he makes very good arguments for the iPad.

Search Google, and you can find a plethora of articles arguing for (and against) the use of iPads in small business.

In my honest opinion, I think the iPad is the best thing since sliced bread. Though I hate the fact that flash will not work on it, limiting the sites that could be visited, I'm sure that the second incarnation of the iPad (the iPad 2? Or perhaps the iPad Leopard, following Apple's propensity for naming systems after big cats?) will include flash (I hope). I am debating getting one once I return to the States, or if I am going to just wait until the iPad's successor is developed.

Of course, there are new competitors in the Pad market. Research In Motion (RIM) has developed their BlackBerry PlayBook: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/playbook-tablet/?IID=rim_playbook_homepage. Though smaller than the iPad (7" as opposed to the larger iPad's 10"), it does have flash, and it has a USB port for connecting to other devices. Though not out yet, the BlackBerry PlayBook is an obvious other choice if an iPad turns out not to be for me.

The future will tell. Once I make my glorious return, I will be better positioned to decide.

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