18 February 2012

Still Rollin

Another day of marketing the book. Stopped and said hello at Legend Comics. Sold two more copies of Der Sternvolker at Krypton Comics here in Omaha, and the Barnes and Noble off of 144th and L in the Oakview Plaza is looking into carrying it. Books-A-Million off of 132nd and L wanted to carry it, but for some reason can't. They might have to become a CreateSpace Direct member. We'll see.

So I'd say all in all that it was a successful day. Still waiting to hear back from The Bookworm and The Game Shoppe, but it all takes time. Patience is key here. The managers at these store do have other things to do...like run their stores.

So where am I at right now with writing?

The novella Run is in the hands of a friend being edited and I should receive it back any day now and will begin working on reworking and rewriting. When done, Run will be available as both an eBook and as a trade paperback.

On the Facebook page I asked if people would read a short story set in the "Der Sternvolker" universe and critique it. Several people voted they would, and I set out to write that short story.
Here is the beginning.

And here is the end.

The short story (to be named) is 4,356 words in its first draft. I've set it aside for now and will revisit it with a first edit in about a week.

More good stuff to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until next time. . .

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