14 February 2012

My Case to Apple: Give Me A Bigger iPhone

I write this because it's been nagging me for a while.

My case to Apple (the company, not the fruit) is that they should make the iPhone bigger.

1) My fat fingers - I'm not a fat guy. I run and lift regularly, and eat healthy. But I have big fingers. Even when the iPhone is turned on its side my fat fingers mash every button BUT the one I want. I have to type slowly to get my message across. Texting, E-mailing, Facebooking, and Twittering are made difficult.

2) Better picture - along with bigger buttons, a bigger screen would also mean I could see more of a webpage or text while typing. As it is, the screen gets chopped in half, or worse.

3) More powerful - with a bigger phone comes a bigger processor. In my mind bigger = more powerful. I would like that for an iPhone that regularly slows down (I have an iPhone 4, and there could be improvements I haven't seen yet in the iPhone 4S). Regardless, more power is gooder.

My recommendation: make it Samsung Galaxy Nexus size.

STOP! Before you get angry and throw your MacBook Pro at the sight of your arch nemesis Samsung, let me explain.

I don't want a Galaxy Nexus.
Yes, it has the size, screen, and touch-screen-buttons I want. But the touch screen itself is HORRIBLE. Try to zoom in on a webpage and it selects links and buttons I don't want. Trying to blog with it is a study in frustration. That and I couldn't find the dedicated browser, and had to keep using Google Search to get to sites. Ice Cream Sandwich is not for me (plus ice cream sanwichces will give me those love handles I've been working so hard to get rid of).

My idea: Make it roughly the size of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but keep the nice iPhone 4 rounded-off-rectangle design. A 5" long x 3" wide screen would be AMAZING. I could write whole books on an iPhone like that. Hell, a 6"x4" would be pretty cool.
And keep the width of the iPhone 4, at just under a centimeter, or roughly 3/8". Maybe a tad thinner.
Keep both cameras, and with a larger iPhone they could be made bigger and better. Mega-MegaPixels!...TerraPixels?

The pros: It would be larger than the current iPhone and great for fat-fingers like mine, plus it has more power, better resolution, and a larger screen for videos, webpages, texting, etc. It's smaller than a tablet, and will appeal to those that don't want to spend the money on an iPad, but would like more out of their smartphone. A middle-market, so to speak.

The cons (because there are always cons): it's going to be bigger and heavier, and some people may balk at the size and weight. It will cost more to produce, and cost the customer more to purchase. People may balk at the price.

But if marketed as an inbetween smartphone/tablet, and with Apple's hush-hush-product-debut-followed-by-religious-devotion-of-consumers, I think it would work.

Just rambling. Now: back to work...and writing. I have a short story to finish!

Until next time...

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  1. My little fingers and I like the current iPhone size... we just have trouble typing on the big iPad. :)