13 January 2012


This weekend will be a big event for me: I'm going to market my book.


I know, right? I'm actually going to leave the house and interact with actual people in an attempt to get stores to carry Der Sternvolker.

*Gasp again!*

It's ironic that, as a self-published author, I'm having to turn into a salesman or sorts. When looking for a new job I interviewed for several sales positions and decided that it just wasn't my bag.
The joke is on me.

So what's the plan, you ask? Well, here is my plan, in brief, for you to read.

*Gasp thrice!*

That's right, I'm giving you my secrets. . .which are probably not really secrets at all. I'm sure dozens, if not hundreds of self-published authors have reached and torn through their comfort bubble and trekked into the world to get their books out there.
Why am I giving you my plan? While "we self-publishers" are not a team, a union, some Occupy Wall Street movement, or a coven (though look at scientology and you could create some sort of cult), I do think that sharing practices is good. Now, ask me to promote your book as a fellow self-publisher and I'll say, "Butts to that, you're on your own. Deuces."

Yes, I am an asshole.

But I digest (lunch, at the moment). Here, in all of its glory, is my plan to get my trade paperback book on shelves:

Timeframe: 01/13/2011 - 01/28/2011 (Though realistically this will be a continuous thing to keep up relations with the stores and genuinely support them and not be that douche who just visits to see if they've got his book yet (And yes, I realize that's a run on sentence)).
Locations: Several local stores I've chosen, and two major distributers
Resources: Local Stores - a free copy of the book, a business card, and a sell sheet
Big Distributers - Front and Back jacket images and information on book to send them per their requirements online
Plan: Part 1 - During set times (starting tomorrow) I'm going to visit these stores in PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE (take note of this; business casual that is IRONED) and visit with the manager. I will introduce myself, and then pitch my book to them. Once complete I will leave them with the free copy of the book, business card, and sell sheet. Then, as a good fellow, support their business by visiting their store to buy stuff. This second part will be easy as I buy stuff from them anyhow.
Part 2 - If/when the store puts my book up I may schedule a showing at that store to talk about the book and self-publishing in general. This to be planned in further depth.

I will post Saturday post-outing with updates, lessons learned, and maybe even some pictures.

Until next time. . .

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