09 July 2012

Oh The Times They Are A Changing

So here we are in July. For you Americans, hope you enjoyed your 4th of July. 'MURIKA!
For everyone everywhere, I hope you're keeping cool. It just cooled off here in Omaha. Cool being a high of 90 degrees farenheight today.

There are some changes going on at Renegade Data Core.

First and foremost, the ms for the novella tentatively titled "FREE". . .or "RUN". . .I forget. . .is at the editor's (finally). In a week or two I'll get it back for review and rewrite before going back for another round of crushing. Second, and connected (I'll get to that) the ms for "A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM" is about half-way done. This does not include cover or internal images. Those I have to commission (very very soon - payday cannot come soon enough).

So how are these connected, you ask? I will be at ANIME NEBRASKON in Lincoln, Nebraska November 2nd through the 4th. At the convention I'll have for sale trade paperbacks of DER STERNVOLKER, (tentatively titled) RUN, A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM, and I'll be selling posters, too. I'm debating on t-shirts (the return on investment tends to be low, especially if very few people buy them). If you're in the area for the convention stop by my booth and say hello, stay and chat, keep me from going completely insane. I will most likely will be there starting the evening of Friday, the 2nd. I will not during the day, as I still have a real job to go to (one day I'll work for myself. . .), but then I'll be there Saturday (the 3rd) and most of Sunday (the 4th).

The website will be changing, too. Currently the RENEGADE DATA CORE site is built with Google Sites. While it served its purpose getting everything rolling, it's becoming cluttered, and I've had complaints about white lettering on black background hurting peoples' eyes. That, and Google Sites only lets you do so much, and I need to be able to do more. I have my website guy (I have a website guy!) working on a new design to best serve the fans. So, no more eye gouging.

Lastly, Renegade Data Core will be providing more products than just stories and comics. First, I am working on a YouTube series titled CARVER JONES. The scripts are in their rough-rough drafts, and we're working to get props and set stuff. I do not have a tentative date at which they'll be released, but I will keep you all updated as they are.
And second Renegade Data Core is pleased to announce that within the next eight months we will begin producing our first line of wargamining miniatures and fully playable game! We are working on the Alpha of the rules and ordering up all the equipment we need to produce runs of miniatures. Again, no set deadlines (except for our initial debut at AdeptiCon, April 18-21, 2013), but we'll keep you informed.

Until next time. . .

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