19 July 2012

I Dream In Digital

Hey folks, if you've stuck around you know that RENEGADE DATA CORE is going through some big changes. We're going to producing miniature war game rules and producing our own miniatures! We also have some new books coming out soon.

And here's where we had to make a decision. We're looking to get a small business loan from the bank, and we want to keep costs low. The decision was made to make all books 100% digital. I apologize to those who prefer print copies. It's just not in the budget. 1,000 copies of a book is over $4,000, and companies like B&N and Amazon expect larger volumes of product than that.

All books will be available in Kindle and PDF formats. This will include the soon-to-be published miniatures rules, CATACLYSM SKIRMISH. As always everything will be available through the RENEGADE DATA CORE website, and everything will continue to be available on the new website (which will have the same URL, but different host).

Tune in next week when we post video talking about our new tabletop war game.

Until next time . . .


  1. Is the war game set in the same universe as Der Sternvolker?

    1. Ryan - No "Der Sternvolker" war-game yet, this first war-game of ours is a fantasy war-game, with the background and factions created by my brother. We'll have videos and pictures up as we develop it more. The issue, and we'll cover this in future blogs, is that getting people to sculpt the minis we will create master copies from is very expensive. But a war-game based in the Post-Earth Universe is on the schedule for the next year or so.
      Thanks for the question. :) And keep watching the blog next week for more news on the war-game!