05 May 2012

Adam Baldwin and OMUG Comics

Today was a glorious day! I went to Krypton Comics here in Omaha, Nebraska and got to meet Adam Baldwin, as seen here in this picture:

It was pretty cool! He was very personable, and noted that I was military. Great guy, and got his autograph on my special edition copy of Serenity.

I also met a couple of amazing local artists from Omaha Underground Comics, creators of the very cool  THE CULLING series. Great bunch of guys, I really enjoyed meeting them and discussing our self-publishing experiences. Their project has been two years in the making and I purchased Issue #1 from them while I was there talking indy-shop (I still need to get Issue #0). Their website can be seen at http://www.omugcomics.com/. Check them out and buy their comics, you won't be disappointed with their high-intensity action comic THE CULLING.

Went and saw the Avengers Movie afterwards with my brother and a friend. It was worth it! Lots of action, great comedy, and actually had a well developed storyline for a superhero action movie. Very little cheesiness. Joss Whedon did well...but he killed Agent Coulson. DAMMIT JOSS!

Good little day all around.

Until next time. . .

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