03 August 2012

Rawr! Dragon Con!

Quick blog update as I finish up the novella, work on a new one, play test the tabletop war-game rules, and try to get the darned sourcebook done, along with other up and coming biz things. I'll talk more about those as they move along. Great things are a comin'.

But that's not what I'm going to talk about here. Here I'm going to talk about DRAGON CON! A friend of mine from a previous life (read: active military) texted me and said I should totally go to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

So I totally am!

I have my plane ticket and my Dragon Con pass. But a hotel? Forget it. Everything was booked up. So I'll just have my friend and a backpack and an adventure ahead of me. But aren't those the best trips? :)

I won't be there in Author/Entrepreneur mode. I'll be rollin' like an average ginger squeeing over the celebrities I've always wanted to meet . . . that's right, I said squeeing. What? You wanna fight about it?
But, should you wanna say herro (O herro!), or just chat a bit, if you see me feel free to do so. And excuse me in advance if I seem off, I'm bringing my A+ Game for this one, so I'll be partying hard 'till 7AM each morning.

As my friends Tony and Dell always say: No excuses, play like a champ.

Until next time . . .

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